By each question place a number representing how true the statement is in your life. If it is true a great deal, write 3; if it is somewhat true, write 2; if it is a little bit true, write 1; if it is not at all true, write 0.

______ 1. I easily delegate important responsibilities to others.

______ 2. I am comfortable and effective in projects with people from various cultural groups. I have the ability to explain important ideas and attitudes without feeling intimidated.

______ 3. I am glad to have more time to serve others in both professional and community groups. As a single individual, I am delighted with the added time and focus necessary for the empowerment of others.

______ 4. I easily and accurately recognize what "soul-full" characteristics another individual has or does not have.

______ 5. I continue to seek out both friends and acquaintances. I educate them and invite them to join me in professional and business organizations. Together we will all be enriched.

______ 6. I verbally encourage those who are wavering, troubled or discouraged.

______ 7. I am generally excited about the future. I recognize the reality of the present moment. I release the memories of negative experiences that have occurred in the past.

______ 8. I feel deeply concerned when confronted with the urgent financial needs of others. It is not even necessary for me to know these people, but I recognize a connection exists through similar or different experiences in life themes.

______ 9. When I am "still," or in a" listening" mode, I feel that I am taking care of my mental, physical and spiritual health (perhaps even directing others to do the same).

______ 10. I do not mind last minute requests to help others. I would be willing to substitute for a missing staff member.

______ 11. I would if appropriate and safe in today's culture, graciously provide food and lodging or resources to provide assistance, to those in sincere need.

______ 12. I take the necessary time to engage in contemplation, meditation, petition, or prayer. I engage in this behavior more than most people I know.

______ 13. I have an innate understanding of other people. Their messages are clear, even if we do not speak the same language.

______ 14. I study and read a great deal. I have a belief that there are a myriad of great mysteries in life. It is easy for me to believe in a Being greater and more knowledgeable than myself. I have learned that the search for answers in the real product. . .

______ 15. People follow me. This occurs as a result of offering my talents freely. Others sense an ability and willingness to serve.

______ 16. I have lost friends because of my strength and value convictions.

______ 17. When events lead me to people who are in hospitals, jails, or nursing homes, I am empowered to communicate in a positive and just manner. I gain as much from such experiences as does the receiver.

______ 18. I have felt like an instrument in the hand of an Objective/Empathetic Administrative Being. I have been used to change lives and events in a positive manner.

______ 19. I honor both the heritage and value systems of individuals and groups who are not like me.

______ 20. I go out of my way to be available to someone needing support. I am led to help those who are especially lost. Their suffering can result from the loss of faith in themselves, others, organizations, and The Great EXECUTIVE.

______ 21. I react immediately on my strong intuitive feelings. I do not wait to be validated from others. When I feel it is the appropriate time or place, I act.

______ 22. I am willing to take orders. I do not worry about the loss of power, status, or position.

______ 23. I can help others to understand the history and meaning of basic traditional Western values and moral behavior.

_____ 24. I have an uncanny ability to be both linguistically and culturally sensitive to others not of my same heritage.

_____ 25. I nourish others by helping them identify and clarify alternatives in their lives. I assist others in becoming "fully" conscious and "soul-full."


After answering the above questionnaire, compare your responses with the list of gifts below. If you answered for example 3, the stronger the gift is, 2 gift strongly present, 1 slightly present; 0 not present. For example if you scored a 3 for question number one, then you would strongly have the gift of MANAGEMENT present in you personal gift inventory.

1. MANAGEMENT - The ability to make plans and decisions on behalf of others. These decisions are identified as positive. There is a history of past results. Goals are made and achieved.

2. DIRECTORSHIP - The ability to take some form of "SOUL-FULL" authority over others, both inside and outside of the organization.

3. SINGLESHIP - The ability to remain joyfully unmarried. The recognition that a binding relationship with another person is not necessary. The result is often seen in having more time and energy for serving others.

4. DISCERNMENT - The ability to perceive and evaluate whether what is said or done is "selfish," or "selfless."

5. CHARISMA - The ability to proclaim the positive in oneself, others and the organization. People are attracted by such happiness and joyfulness. There are a multitude of people who tend to follow the advice and actions of those with this gift.

6. EMPATHY - The ability to identify and "walk the walk," with those in emotional, physical, or spiritual pain. Once identification and connection of the conflict are established, the ability to comfort, admonish, or encourage results.

7. FAITH - The ability to believe that impossible circumstances will be overcome, despite seemingly desperate obstacles. There is an ardent desire to listen to the directions or "will" of the Great Heavenly Administrator. This is done in order to receive insight and direction. There is a conscious decision to understand and follow such directions. Acceptance that life will require both ups and down is acknowledged. They are certain that the destination will have been worth the journey.

8. CHARITY - The ability to share an extraordinary amount of one's power, ideas and material resources with others. There are sincerity, joy, and eagerness in the act of the giving.

9. HEALING - The ability to identify pain. The correct diagnosis, encouragement, and finally treatment, will be suggested. This will result in the relief of undue mental, physical or spiritual pain.

10. ASSISTING - The ability to perceive someone's need and then offering the kind of support or encouragement necessary.

11. HOSPITALITY - The ability to welcome strangers and make them feel a sense of belonging.

12. MEDIATOR - The extraordinary ability to represent others rights in an unbiased and open manner. Often uses contemplation, meditation, deep thoughts, or prayers on behalf of others.

13. CULTURAL OPENNESS - The ability to understand the nonverbal and verbal messages of others, not of the same religion, race, culture.

14. KNOWLEDGE - The ability to spend time in research and analysis on behalf of others. Willingness to integrate vast amounts of information into usable material.

15. LEADERSHIP - The ability to provide strength through personality, value history, and the commitment to others. Open efforts are recognized through the empowerment of people. Recipients discover their strengths and weaknesses. With such knowledge, they are aware of their own personal and organizational power.

16. HUMILITY - The ability to disregard the voice of the crowd. A quiet sense of self-worth and self-esteem. They are willing to risk personal pride, status, and sometimes even life, for others.

17. COMPASSION - The ability to have tenderness, empathy and understanding for the underprivileged and suffering. It does not matter whether they know the individual/group on a personal level. They creative solutions to serve such humans when such situations arise.

18. MIRACLES - The ability to conduct amazing feats. They confirm that there are depths of human capabilities and achievement not yet recognized. They are extraordinary communicators and motivators. People come to them looking for a "miracle" to restore faith both in themselves and in their organization.

19. GLOBAL HUMANITARIAN - The ability to integrate with any fellow human. They ignore cultural or physical differences. They adapt enthusiastically with people of different traditions, behavior and language. They reflect the best in humanity. They are the true "global citizens."

20. THERAPIST - The ability to counsel, understand, encourage, shepherd, and inspire others, on the journey of life. They have the added gift of sincerely comforting others. Their embracing and nurturing disposition relieve the anxious, depressed, or ignored soul.

21. VISIONARY - The ability to receive clear and specific "feelings" or "intuitive" messages. They never take credit for such messages. They believe and affirm an interior knowledge, that they are an instrument in the hands of the Greatest Creator.

22. STEWARDSHIP - The ability to serve others with joy, openness, and commitment. They are loving. Their actions in giving time, money, and talent, is without thought of a return payment.

23. TEACHING - The ability to understand and impart knowledge and wisdom to other. They know the correct individual, organization, and tool, that will assist people in the discovery of their hidden talents.

24. SPEECH - The ability to forgo ego. They offer information in a clear and amazing manner. Others listen. They discover the mysterious elements of themselves and events. They tell other "souls," how to convey verbally to themselves and others, needs and situations that were not validated or acknowledged.

25. WISDOM - The ability to integrate all information sources gathered throughout one's life. The amazing ability to understand the "weaving" process necessary for the tapestry of life. They impart the importance of having faced and lived through, both negative and positive experiences. Answers to questions not easily understood or asked, are often found from these individuals.