Saint Vincent Ferrier

One fine day in Valentia St. Vincent Ferrier was passing down one of the main village streets, when he heard a female voice. The voice was tremulous with anger. She was uttering profane imprecations. He located the source. It was coming from a rather nice home.

St. Vincent entered the premises. He also found the man of the home. He was as similar in noise as the female of the home. As St. Ferrier came upon the woman, she was still uttering blasphemies. St. Vincent soothed her anger and asked what was the cause of her imprecations.

The woman was crying. She answered amidst her anger and mental anguish, "Father, this is not the first time that I am fighting back from the unjust treatment of my husband. I am speaking in his language. I am sinning. It is because every day in the week he beats me. He rips my hair out. He abuses me in ways that I cannot speak of to you a holy man. He does all of this dear Priest of God, because I am, plain in the sight of him and others." It is not a life, my dear father, but a daily death, damnation on earth. My home is a hell." The voice of the Holy Spirit then spoke through St. Vincent to this anguished child of Christ.

St. Ferrier said to her, "My daughter, said the man of God, "moderate your speech. It is not right to talk as you do. And if, as you say, it is for the want of beauty is your only fault, we can soon remedy that."

Then the holy man of God raised his right hand to the troubled woman's face. He added. "There, my daughter, you are no longer without beauty, but remember there is no beauty like that of holiness. And the Lord will beautify the meek with salvation."

This woman was different after this transforming lesson based miracle of heaven. She was known henceforce as the belle of Valentia.

Afterwards, St. Vincent was known as the healer of the wounds of those not born with external beauty…