Saint Angela and the Ursulines

St. Angela of Brescia

St. Angela wished to build a free school for raising and educating girls. When she was twenty-two years old she had a vision that confirmed her vocation. The vision consisted of virgins and angels ascending to heaven by a ladder like that seen by Jacob in the Bible. She ignored for forty-nine years. She then was given another more serious vision.

During deep prayer, Jesus appeared to Angela. His face was angry. He had a whip in his hand. He asked her why did she neglect the work he had set her to do for nearly fifty years. She asked Him to forgive her…and she promised to neglect her vocation no longer. She then called together her companions. They then set out to do the work God had demanded. They accomplished God's will for His little daughters well…

They established a society initially called, "Les Compagnes d'Angele." The goal was the gratuitous instruction of young women. Heaven chose a patroness for this work. St. Angela was given another visit from heaven. This time it was St. Ursula.

St. Ursula appeared to Angela. She was brilliant in glory, but frowning in anger. Ursula commanded Angela to take on herself the duties of lady superior. She was not to arrogate to herself the name of the founder by calling the society "Les Compagnes d'Angele." They were to be given the name "Ursulines." The name was then changed as the heavenly messenger requested.

Today, the Ursulines continue their heavenly mission with the same desire and success, as heaven required. (Life of Angela of Brescia, Montpellier. 1804).