Little Boy at the Tabernacle Door

Story as told by friends of

Dear Julie,
I have a better translation of the holy card that I mailed to you. My friend
Elizabeth translated it beautifully word by word. Please include this story
in your beautiful website.

Originally shared by: Theresa M. Budesa
Translated from Croatian to English by: Elizabeth Kancelaric Sango

On the front of the holy card it reads as follows:
You are inside, isn't so, my Jesus!
I am knocking, knocking until You open and grant me my wish!
You know very well my desire, which You Jesus I am sure are not going to deny
me Your child!

On the back of the holy card it reads as follows: AH. HOW GOOD JESUS!

One day a fervent missionary priest was preaching about Eucharistic Jesus in
the Tabernacle: His tender goodness, which is always ready to embrace us.
There was a blonde angel in the audience about 5 years old. Burning with
love, what priest said about Jesus, the angel left his mother and ran into
the nearby church, jumped on the altar and with delicate white hands started
knocking on the Tabernacle door and whispered: "The priest said that You are
inside oh Jesus and that You are so good! You know that my father is not well
behaved. Please make him better, dear Jesus!".
He was repeating the prayer, still knocking on the door of the Tabernacle.

Jesus, who especially loves children, could not leave the angel without
granting him his wish. Jesus told him "go in peace
and I will answer your prayer"

Full of happiness, the small angel kissed the door of the Tabernacle and
returned to his mother. He jumped in his mothers lap, kissed her and said:
"mommie mommie you will see!".

The day after, a gentlemen came to the priest to repent his sins, went to
confession and received Holy Eucharist
That was the father of the sweet blonde angel.

Ah how good Jesus is!