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This was my initial introduction and background  about Chant Art when I began my work...I thought you might like to read it from a historical perspective....Julie

 At Archival we are dedicated to preserving the beautiful and often unseen public domain images of the Victorian and  Edwardian period.   With our graphic art CD's or downloaded images you can create professional images to use in your personal and professional creative projects.

Our Mission

To archive and preserve graphically the art of past.  Image collection at Archival Art and Chant Art will offer the modern individual a chance to capture or create new possibilities with the pictures of beauty from those who have lived and loved before us. Initially, the work will come from Western cultures, with time the Victorian world of the East will emerge within the pixels of our images.

The art of the past was often weaved with stories.  Therefore, positive and inspirational tales and complementary illustrations will be provided in our Victorian Reading  Room.

The goal of Archival Art is to remember the best of the the hope that perhaps, we can indeed, repeat it.

We are delighted that you have come to visit the images of beauty and vision from those who  loved and lived before us here at   ""

Professor Julie Ann Brown - Victorian Archivist 2006

Company Profile

Our company  can be currently viewed as a traditional "cottage industry."  Each CD purchased or image download has been through a labor of love. Our entrepreneurial endeavor began in the upper desert of Southern California  known as the Antelope Valley.  Today it is housed in Ventura County California close to the missions and the sea.  Our founder is a tenured professor of marketing at Santa Barbara City College.  Through her teaching she has met  many of people who over the past eleven years, have made this project a reality.  The CD's  or downloadable images that you see have been made, through literally, a team of players.  Graphic art professors and their students, business students,  entreprenurial student dreamers,  family and friends from around our corner, and around the globe who have helped to archive these pieces of history survive for a new generation to enjoy.  Without their dreams and labor, it would not have been possible.  However, without you, our visitor,  their joy and work would have not had a home for this "home based venture." Thank you for making this possible. Without a doubt, I t is also the gifts of modern technology that has given birth to Archival art.  Without "IT" (Internet Technology) these past images could not have in most cases, been spared and shared for current and future generations to enjoy/


The future looks bright!  With the will of Destiny (God), this site evolve  into a place where not just purchases are made, but where creative souls sojourn in the reading room of inspirational tales, and the library of beautiful images...Please join me on the evolving journey...Your internet friend and professor in spirit...Julie Ann Brown MPPA/MBA.Julie Ann Brown

Thank you for your support.

To learn more about the history of our company...please read a link created by our web friends in Canada..........................................

The Story of Our Company (Written 1996)